03 – Whose blood, sweat and tears are in your hamburger?
Who pays the cost of supporting biodiversity on the landscape?


96% of wolves in the Northern Rockies live in the working wild: public and private lands where people and wildlife share the landscape. But who pays the cost of supporting biodiversity on the landscape? To find out, we explore the economics of our food system and take a look at how one ranch family is getting creative in order to share the landscape with wolves and maintain open space.

Links and references from Whose blood, sweat and tears

New York Times The Daily podcast episode on prices in the beef market: “Who do you want controlling your food?”

John and Weston Helle’s wool apparel company, Duckworth

The Ruby Valley Strategic Alliance

Cole Mannix’s enterprise: Old Salt Co-op

The Blackfoot Challenge

Lesli Allison’s Director’s Letter in On Land: “Working lands are the future of conservation”


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John Helle stands next to his truck on a grazing allotment in the Gravelly Mountains of Montana. Photo by Zach Altman.

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