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Season 1

02 – How did we get here?

We head to the Green River Drift in Wyoming to learn about the land management policies that shaped predator eradication, public lands, and the West we know today.

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Fascinating and Informative
Fascinating and Informative
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I’ve been listening to the first season, which is about the interface between wolves and ranchers and the challenges of establishing communication, trust, and understanding among people with different values, needs, and ways of life. I really appreciate how they’re taking on this hot-button issue and doing it in such a way that everyone can relate. It’s great that they’re doing it from the perspective of, how do we find common ground, how do we listen to each other, how do we stop fighting and instead find solutions. Great job!
Balanced and informative
Balanced and informative
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This podcast is excellent! I am continually impressed with the fair and nuanced presentation of a very complicated issue. There is no right or wrong perspective on this issue, and it’s refreshing to see a podcast meet the complexity head on.
New insights about rural landowners and wildlife
New insights about rural landowners and wildlife
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This is a refreshing program in its narratives, interviews with rural stakeholders invested in land/ wildlife stewardship and practical solutions for deterring wolves from depredation. These challenges that rural landowners encounter are largely unknown by urban wildlife advocates and conservationists. It’s very well done. I am looking forward to more podcasts from this collaboration for land stewardship and therefore wildlife stewardship.
Great podcast!
Great podcast!@ninetynine90
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Very well done podcast that thoughtfully presents multiple viewpoints on an issue that people have very strong opinions on. If you tend to be very strongly on one side or the other, it’s a good opportunity to learn about the other side’s perspective. I discovered this podcast because of the wolf topic, but having listened to it I would definitely listen to other topics/seasons!
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Informative, entertaining and inspiring. Great production as well. Essential listening for all those who care about people, wildlife, open spaces and the West.

Guest Episodes

Guest Episode

Reframing Rural – Farm Succession in Northeast Montana

In this guest episode from Reframing Rural’s third season, producer Megan Torgerson shares the intimate journey of her family’s farm succession, as well as others in her home community of Dagmar, Montana, giving listeners an inside look into the emotional, legal and financial factors at play with succession planning.


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